mercredi 5 octobre 2011


Resilience, - you make me feel powerful every day
Im so strong because of you - and you know what Im talking about
Perhaps you laughing now, and everytime I swim into my mind
Because of you, I growth up like Jack's magic beans everyday - closer to the sky every morning
And when the night come, I try to figure out how you do that - in perfect harmony with my soul

Because of you, I still having fun in my daily fight
You know you can trust me - also I know I have to trust you
Because you believe that Im the perfect guinea-pig for your experiment
Every sad moment become a lesson learned
I thought an angel saved me, or it was you - simply you
Maybe your lost your wings - but you know how you can bring me to Neverland
In your world, the word failure doesn't exist

Resilience - you  give me life everytime I lose hope
You give me hope every time I feel alive